Slow Computer?

Pop-ups whilst browsing the internet?  From time to time you may accidentally download unwanted software or browser plugins.  These can give you an unpleasant internet experience.  Some of these plugins may redirect you to malicious web searches and possibly ‘steal’ the information that you input.  Common example of this are: ‘Search Protect’, ‘SearchU’ & ‘Trovi Search’.

If you feel that your computer is running slow, after checking that your computer is clean from unwanted programs instead of purchasing a new computer you may wish to think about upgrading certain components of your computer.  As technology moves at such a pace you can keep up-to-date by replacing your hard drive with a Solid Sate Drive (SSD) or increasing the memory.  SSD’s do not have any moving parts which give greatly increased read/write speeds allowing your computer boot quicker and open documents as much as 10 times quicker. A 120GB SSD can be bought from only £55

The average home / business laptop has 4GB RAM (memory), this memory is used to stored open programs and documents that in use.  Often there is a free slot to allow more memory to be installed giving you more quick access to data stored here and speeding up your overall use of your computer.  A 4GB upgrade can be purchased from only £32 doubling your RAM to 8GB


Computer Not Booting?

Windows Advanced Options Menu

Have you ever turned on your laptop / desktop only to find it repeating what is commonly known as the ‘Boot Loop’?  This can be caused by the computer not being shut down correctly, power cut (battery run out) or by important Windows system files becoming corrupt.  Often the first thing people panic about is retrieving their data. well don’t fear we have the technology to, in most cases, rescue this.