What We Do

Here at Precision Computing we like to take the stress out of your computing requirements. That is why we look forward to the challenge of looking after your IT.  Computing has changed rapidly over the past few years, we now have email wherever we go on our mobile phones, video calls on our tablets and we are constantly reminded to ‘back-up’ our documents.  Whatever your query is we can answer and guide you to the best, most reliable and most importantly best value for money service that is out there.

Web Hosting & Design

Web Hosting can be daunting, that’s where we come in.  Not only can we design your website, we actually host it for you.  A tailored package will be drawn up for your site.  Please see our Hosting page for more information.

Desktop & Laptop Support

Replacing your IT hardware is something that you should consider every 4-5 years.  Technology moves on and so does your expectations.  Replacing the computer you have used for the past 4 years can seem daunting – That’s where we come in.  We can transfer all your Documents, Images, Videos, Emails, Contacts & Bookmarks

Q. My computer is running slow, Do I need to buy a new computer?
A. No, There is many things that can be done.  We could upgrade the Memory (RAM), uninstall plugins, remove ad-ware / trojans

Q. I have forgotten my password, Should I throw my computer away?
A. No, We have the skills and knowledge to remove the password and allow you to set a new one.

Wireless Routers

Does your home or business wireless network name look like  –  BT129865-A or Virgin1234 and your password looks something like X&giPR93, Well did you know you can change these to anything you want?

For only £25 we will configure your wireless network securely and set your router to any name you wish and more importantly a password that you can remember.