Broadband & Networking

Wi-Fi-B-WWifi, WAP, LAN, Network, Security, These are just some of the words used in manuals sent from your broadband provider.  Keeping your private home or business network secure is essential.  You can secure your wifi signal whilst having a memorable key to give out to friends, family and clients without compromising this.  We will work with you to name your network and more importantly secure it with a pre-defined password that you can share with the people of your choosing.

Many household items these days are becoming wireless.  Playing music around your home using wireless enabled speakers or keeping your documents and pictures safely backed up on a Network Addressed Storage (NAS) device is very common place.  Naming a securing your network will not only protect you, but ease connection and setup for the future.

What We Do:

  • Name and Secure your network
  • Connect wireless devices Laptops, Tablets, Printers etc…

Only £30